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Spring 2017 Timeline

I will update this as needed!

Aug. 15 – Apps go live
Aug. 15 (7:00 pm) – Sent in application
Aug. 15 (7:22 pm) – “Thank You for Applying” email
Aug. 15 ( 8:10 pm) – “Immediate Action Required Web-Based Interview” email

Aug. 16 (8:45 am) – Took Web-Based Interview
Aug. 16 (9:00 am) – Passed Web-Based Interview
Aug. 16 (9:25 am) – “Schedule Phone Interview” email
Aug. 16 (9:25 am) – Repeat “Schedule Phone Interview” email
Aug. 16 (9:44 am) – “Phone Interview Confirmation” email

Aug. 23 (11:02 pm) – “Phone Interview Confirmation” email

Aug. 25 – Phone Interview scheduled for 12:30 CDT
Aug. 25 (12:34 pm) – Phone call from Unknown, lasts about 19 minutes
Aug. 25 (11:07 pm) – “Thank You for Interviewing” email

Sept. 28 (10:37 am) – “Congratulations!” email
Sept. 28 (11:25 am) – Accepted Position as SA QSFB
Sept. 28 (11:29 am) – “Submit Program Fees” email
Sept. 28 (3:00 pm) – Paid program fees
Sept. 28 (3:04 pm) – “DORMS Program Acceptance Confirmation” email
Sept. 28 (3:10 pm) – “Welcome to the Disney College Program Team!” email
Sept. 28 (3:14 pm) – “Request for Additional Information” email

Nov. 2 (4:04 pm) – “Registration for Spring 2017 classes opens November 16!” email
Nov. 9 (3:44 pm) – “Final reminder! Registration for Spring 2017 classes opens November 16!” email
Nov. 16 (11:11 am) – “Education Registration for Spring 2017 term is now open!” email
Nov. 16 (2:65 pm) – “Education Registration Update: Spring 2017” email
Nov. 16 – Did not register for any classes
Nov. 30 (8:24 am) – “The Disney Look” email

Dec. 8 (11:36 am) – “Housing Amenities Notice” email
Dec. 15 (8:26 am) – “Plan for Your Program” email
Dec. 30 (8:30 am) – “Prepare for Your Arrival” email

Jan. 6 (5:26 pm) – “New Hire Portal Instructions” email
Jan. 7 (7:36 pm) – “New Hire Portal Instructions” repeat email
Jan. 8 – Completed New Hire Portal
Jan. 9 (8:32 am) – “See Ya’ Real Soon!” email
Jan. 9 (12:19 pm) – “Disney Housing Registration” email
Jan. 9 – Filled out DORMS
Jan. 9 (2:02 pm) – “Housing Amenities Notice” repeat email
Jan. 9 (5:44 pm) – “Thank you for visiting the Education Registration Site” email
Jan. 9 (5:57 pm) – “Disney Housing Boarding Pass” email
Jan. 18 (9:12 am) – “Purchase your vehicle decal today!” email
Jan. 19 (6:54 pm) – “Vehicle Decal Payment Reminder” email


Highlights of my DCP

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Where did the time go?


So, I got a bomb tattoo for my time down here in Florida and I absolutely love it!


The compass part is actually the symbol of World Showcase in Epcot, and the OWCA is the organization that Agent P and I worked for with Major Monogram. The “Adventure is out there” has multiple meanings for me. Coming down to Florida was a huge adventure for me, and my first real time being away from home. It also represents my two work locations, Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

I couldn’t love it more.


So I know it’s not uncommon to bash on public transportation in any given situation, but when it comes to the DCP, for the love of all that is good, avoid it like the plague. Of course there are the jokes about the crappy drivers: the ones who tailgate, cut off other drivers, brake check a little too frequently, and take thirty minute breaks when the bus was scheduled to leave in three.

But it’s worse than that.


On a near-weekly occurrence, there is a major TranStar accident. I’ve witnessed so many that I’ve stopped keeping track and drive by in my own car with a simple, “WTF Disney?”

Even if it’s a little stressful, difficult, or inconvenient for you to bring your car with you on your program … do it anyway. TranStar is hired through Disney (as in, the drivers & such are not technically Disney Cast Members), so they quite literally do not care if you’re going to be late to work or if they skip your stop all together. Oh, and the drivers will blatantly lie about such things if you call in a complaint.

I mean it. Avoid the buses. Buy an old beater if you have to.
Just don’t get on that bus.

Roommate Feels

Ahhhhh, roommates.

You’ll love them. You’ll hate them. You’ll love to hate them.
But most importantly, you just have to tolerate them.

For five months.
Without pulling your hair out.
….or their’s.

For real though, I think the relationship forged with your roommates can impact your program a lot more than you may realize. So establish ground rules early and don’t be afraid to tell them that they are hogging the cupboards and to keep their grubby mitts off your ketchup.

Don’t let things fester. If they’re not doing the dishes, hold them accountable. But also be sure, with witnesses if necessary, that you are not guilty of the very thing you are calling them out for. Being passive aggressive won’t do anything but make one of your roommates hoard her baking utensils and toaster (regardless of the fact that she’s the one who left them laying out dirty all the time). If it comes down to making a chore chart for everybody, do it.

Clean up after yourself. There’s nothing more than annoying than knowing who is making a certain mess over and over and over and over again but is too lazy or what-have-you to clean up their own crap.

If you invite friends over, don’t let them pretend that they own the place. It’s obnoxious. If a roommate invites friends over, it’s more than okay to remind them that they are a guest. Introduce your friends to your roommates, that way you can all hang out.

Buy your fair share of apartment supplies. Maybe assign a certain supply to a certain roommate (Kah-Ren always buys toilet paper, Mal always buy paper towels, Jorge-eta always buys dish soap, etc.) to avoid one person buying the majority of the stuff. Don’t be afraid to tell someone that it’s their turn to buy something, especially if you’ve bought it the last three times. And if someone tells you it’s your turn to buy something, don’t be a tool and buy the cheapest/crappiest version of that thing and call it good.

If someone tells you you are not doing your fair share of cleaning, don’t buy the cheapest, crappiest type of dishwasher detergent (AKA – store brand powder detergent), clean absolutely nothing, hoard your toaster, and pretend that you did the apartment a favor.

Don’t burn too many bridges, but burn what’s necessary when necessary. You only have to survive 5 months with these people, but they shouldn’t be an insufferable 5 months. Chances are you’ll become very close to some of your roommates, but one (or two, cough cough) bad eggs can spoil the bunch.

My first roommate experience wasn’t that unusual. I lived in a 3 bedroom, 6 person apartment. One girl I’ve come to love, one girl I tolerated, one girl I was indifferent to, and two of them I hated. The apartment very much became a us-v.-them (4-v.-2) environment by the end of the program. I could go on and on and on and on about the grievances I hold, but more importantly is the fact that I created a good relationships with the others.

When I extended my program, I linked up with one of my former roommates so we are living together again, this time in a 1 bedroom, 3 person apartment. It’s so much nicer than our old apartment and feels huge since there’s only three of us in it.

I guess when it comes down to it, I could have just cleaned up after all my roommates and bought all the toilet paper, but my role isn’t Entertainment and I’m not friends with Cinderella. Overall, I’m glad I had the experience I had with those girls, no matter how much frustration they caused me, because it taught me how to deal with difficult situations and how to confront people in a helpful way when necessary.

Enjoy Your Retirement, Agent M

Well, my first DCP has come to an end.

I had originally picked up that MK PAC shift in order to say that I did indeed work in the Magic Kingdom, but thanks to my program extension, I was placed there anyway.

So, here’s the truth of my Fall 2014 Disney College Program: It was an adventure that I would not have traded for the world. I met some great people, I dealt with some horrible people. I tried new things, upheld old habits. I lived on my own in an apartment full of six girls coming and going. It was heaven just as much as it was hell, and I would recommend it twice over to anyone who asked.

And that’s why I chose to extend. I knew I wouldn’t be able to extend into the Same Role/Same Location, not  because I was a bad Cast Member or that it wasn’t allowed, but because I knew Agent P would never be the same without all the people I have come to love there anymore. See, what many blogs don’t really tell you is that Disney is pretty much run by CPs, at least at night. Of course there was full and part time Cast Members that I came close to, but those relationships could not shine a light at the bonds I’d created with some of the other CPS. Without them there, AP just wouldn’t be AP anymore and I didn’t want to face that.

Therefore I extended into a new location and was placed at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. Basically I was moved from one Adventure to another. Which is more than fine by me because that’s exactly what this whole experience has truly been –  Ellie was right, adventure is out there!

What’s New With Mew

It’s been quite awhile since my last post, but it has been pretty repetitive stuff going on down here, at least at work.

I’m still signing people up to be Secret Agents, handing out FastPasses, and closing & clearing Epcot at night. I’ve been hanging out with some of my coworkers outside of work lately and they are such a wonderful group of people. We’ve gone to movies, traveled to eat at Shake Shack, go to the parks, had game nights, and a lot of after work Taco Bell runs. They rock.

On top of that, I recently submitted my application for an extension and it was accepted! Instead of going home in January, my new end date is in May. That means I’m going to be missing all of the terrible Minnesota winter -YESSSS!!! My extension was granted in to Same Role New Location, which basically means that I’m stilling going to be working Attractions but it won’t be at Agent P. I have no clue where I’m going and I probably won’t know until the end of December or early January. As with so many others, I’m really hoping to get Jungle Cruise, Haunted Mansion, or Tower of Terror.

This Thursday some other Agents and I picked up a PAC (Parade Audience Control) shift over at Magic Kingdom. We are pretty sure that it’s for, obviously, the parades, as well as the new Castle lighting – Elsa freezing it over for winter! I’m excited to see it and have some high expectations for it. I’m nervous trying to find where to go in MK – the Utilidors are ridiculous to get through if you’re not familiar with them – but luckily I’ll have some familiar faces to get lost with.

About two more weeks until my family will be here! I’m so excited for them to come down and get to experience Disney World. I hope it’s able to live up to all of their expectations. We have reservations at Biergarten and we also have a FastPass for Be Our Guest, so we’ll at least have some delicious food to eat!

In other interesting news, the Mine Train caught fire the other night. Wishes, the nighttime fireworks at Magic Kingdom, are generally canceled due to wind. For some reason, it wasn’t that night and debris caught the trees on top of  Mine Train on fire. Most people have been told that it was only the top of the mountain that caught fire, but thanks to some insider information (AKA – security), it did actually ruin a  decent bit of the track but they were able to fix it quickly and reopen the ride within several hours.

I’ll try to post some more as more interesting things happen … or more stuff catches fire. Hopefully I’ll have something from my PAC shift at MK to share!