So I know it’s not uncommon to bash on public transportation in any given situation, but when it comes to the DCP, for the love of all that is good, avoid it like the plague. Of course there are the jokes about the crappy drivers: the ones who tailgate, cut off other drivers, brake check a little too frequently, and take thirty minute breaks when the bus was scheduled to leave in three.

But it’s worse than that.


On a near-weekly occurrence, there is a major TranStar accident. I’ve witnessed so many that I’ve stopped keeping track and drive by in my own car with a simple, “WTF Disney?”

Even if it’s a little stressful, difficult, or inconvenient for you to bring your car with you on your program … do it anyway. TranStar is hired through Disney (as in, the drivers & such are not technically Disney Cast Members), so they quite literally do not care if you’re going to be late to work or if they skip your stop all together. Oh, and the drivers will blatantly lie about such things if you call in a complaint.

I mean it. Avoid the buses. Buy an old beater if you have to.
Just don’t get on that bus.


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