Enjoy Your Retirement, Agent M

Well, my first DCP has come to an end.

I had originally picked up that MK PAC shift in order to say that I did indeed work in the Magic Kingdom, but thanks to my program extension, I was placed there anyway.

So, here’s the truth of my Fall 2014 Disney College Program: It was an adventure that I would not have traded for the world. I met some great people, I dealt with some horrible people. I tried new things, upheld old habits. I lived on my own in an apartment full of six girls coming and going. It was heaven just as much as it was hell, and I would recommend it twice over to anyone who asked.

And that’s why I chose to extend. I knew I wouldn’t be able to extend into the Same Role/Same Location, not  because I was a bad Cast Member or that it wasn’t allowed, but because I knew Agent P would never be the same without all the people I have come to love there anymore. See, what many blogs don’t really tell you is that Disney is pretty much run by CPs, at least at night. Of course there was full and part time Cast Members that I came close to, but those relationships could not shine a light at the bonds I’d created with some of the other CPS. Without them there, AP just wouldn’t be AP anymore and I didn’t want to face that.

Therefore I extended into a new location and was placed at The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and the Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom. Basically I was moved from one Adventure to another. Which is more than fine by me because that’s exactly what this whole experience has truly been –  Ellie was right, adventure is out there!


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