Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure

My work location is Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. It’s a really fun interactive game where you’re given a  FONE (Field Operative Notification Equipment) and sent into 1 of 7 countries to help Agent P defeat Doofensmhirtz and save the world! Basically it’s a scavenger hunt with many more interactive elements, like a zip lining Perry, a top secret penny press, a cuckoo clock chase, and more. It is something I would seriously recommend to anyone going through the World Showcase. Recently we also updated the old flip phone FONEs to touch screen Nokia FONEs!

I also got lucky in that my work uniform is super easy. As I’m sure many people are aware of, Disney uniforms are either make or break. Luckily, mine is pretty simple … dark gray shorts (!!!)  and a light blue shirt, with an optional hat. Oh yeah, and I’m also not required to tuck it in, which just about every single other uniform does require.

On top of that luck, I only had three days of training, which is pretty short compared to most roles. After three days of training, I had my assessment and officially earned my ears.

On top of running the Agent P attraction, my location also does PAC (parade audience control) for IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth (Epcot’s firework/fire/light show), opens the World Showcase in the morning, and clears Epcot after closing. We are supposed to be training soon to takeover the FastPass kiosks as well. Basically, we do a bit more, in my humble opinion, than the average attractions role worker. However, the trade off is that we also get better (both in length and quality) interaction with the guests. One of the reasons I was so looking forward to working attractions was that guest interaction, so I’m glad that it worked out like it did.

The first day of training we went through my location’s spiel: “Hey there, agents! Welcome to the O.W.C.A [Organization Without a Cool Acronym, which is the organization that Perry works for], are you here for your top secret mission?” We also had to learn how to accurately describe the game to guests, especially since it is most frequently mistaken for a show or for a character location. Then we saved several of the countries. My favorites are definitely France and Germany.  That night we learned how to do PAC for IllumiNations and also how to clear the park.

The second and third days kinda blur together for me. The second day of training we learned how to open World Showcase and we practiced our spieling and guest interactions. The third day of training we learned how to do Pargo and Norway runs while on Mission Support. Mission Support 1 (Pargo run) takes the Pargo (basically a heavy duty golf cart which is still nicknamed Shego from the good ol’ Kim Possible’s World Showcase Adventure days) to pick up phones from drop boxes on the far side of the World Showcase, as well as drop off anything the kiosks may need (more phones, new radio battery, etc). They also restock some of the interactive elements of the missions, like the golf balls that are used in United Kingdom. Mission Support 2 (Norway run) walks around the near side of the World Showcase to get phones from drop boxes and drop off anything those kiosks may need.

So yeah, that’s basically my job. There’s definitely some more tidbits to what all we do, but it’s mostly just boring details. I think this role, although something I originally was very upset about (characters that I don’t like and not a “real” attraction), has already grown on me and I’m now really glad to have gotten. Except for being outside for pretty much the entirety of every shift, the pros have definitely come to outweigh the cons.


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