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DCP Courses

The other day I was able to sign up for my DCP courses. It was a stressful experience with little to no guidance or directions, which led to mass confusion with most all DCPers who were trying to sign up.

The system that is used to sign up for the classes is incredibly flawed. To choose a a course, you have to click on a bubble next to the time/day you want to take it on a webpage that is displaying all of the courses/times. If the class is no longer available, (most of them) will say “Waitlist Only”¬†next to it in red. After that, you click “Continue” and it will bring you to a confirmation page displaying the classes you signed up for.

The issue with this seemingly simply system is that if you later decide to add/take off classes, you have to be sure to click bubble next to the classes you still want to stay in again, otherwise you are (probably unknowingly) dropping yourself from the course. Also, because Exploring Disney Heritage is the most popular course, both the course and the waitlist fill insanely quickly, so it is completely removed from the page when that happens … which makes it really hard to sign up/drop other courses while trying to keep Exploring Disney Heritage (because of having to click the bubble next to the courses you want to be in).

When I signed up, the page crashed. I eventually got in and immediately signed up for Exploring Disney Heritage. I also wanted to take a collegiate course, but for whatever reason, they were not showing up. It took another hour or so for them to finally appear (Glitch? Intentional delay? Who knows.). So, when I signed up for that, I could not re-click Exploring Disney Heritage.

I recieved two confirmation emails. The first one for Exploring Disney Heritage and the second one when I signed up for the collegiate course. However, my second email did not say that I was still enrolled in Exploring Disney Heritage. Needless to say, I was freaking out.

I emailed DCP Recruiting about five times with no answer. The next day I called the Education office. The phone kept going straight to voicemail, so I kept calling for four hours until someone answered. She was very nice and understood my confusion. She¬†confirmed the courses I was enrolled in and add/drop me from ones I did/didn’t want to be in. The next day DCP sent out a mass email confirming enrollment of Exploring Disney Heritage and acknowledged their flawed system.

So, anyways, I am enrolled in Exploring Disney Heritage and Exploring Leadership. Both of them are on Thursdays and I’ll be in class from 1:30pm to 6pm, as each class is two hours long with a half hour break between the two.

I’m very excited to start these courses and am so glad the cloud of confusion over them has passed. If there is one thing I think the DCP really needs to work on it is effectively communicating and giving directions. It seems that they leave just about everything so vague and without a direct line of information.

Just over a month left until I’ll be in Florida!


45 more days!

45 more days!